Advantages Of SD-WANs

Some people will hear the term SD-WAN and be a little confused as to what exactly this is. The easy and most basic explanation is that it stands for software defined wide area network. I know that sounds like a lot of words and no real answers, hang in there the answers will come. The nuts and bolts of SD-WAN are that this is a wide area network that is software defined. In short, the network is managed by software like the cloud vpn. This in a number of ways is good as it allows more traffic to traverse the broadband side of a network and thus get more traffic for a fraction of your broadband costs.


One of the advantages of this technology is that if you are located in Utah and need to be connected to branches of your business in other parts of the country, a software defined wide area network will make the most sense for reliability as well as for cost effectiveness. One of the biggest things that are making people come around to this is the fact that it can manage multiple types of connections as opposed to being limited to one single type of connection.

You can cheap commercial-grade Internet connections for your branches all over the country and then take and use a software program to control these and get you a strong enough signal to process transactions, send and receive files as well as use VOIP to conduct conference calls.

If you have already heard of SDN or software defined networking, then you are aware that these two concepts are related. SDN is meant to be used on campuses of a college or company whereas SD-WAN is meant to be a solution for external use.

Cloud SD Wan

Ease of use is another innovation that users of SD-WAN have come to enjoy. In the past, if an issue arose, a technician had to manually configure a network on site and this meant a lot of time being lost as well as incurring additional costs. Now users can simply manage a problem from one interface and be up in a fraction of the time with no additional costs. While the technology of it is not new, the putting is all into one easy to use package is what has made SD-WAN seem like a new innovation. The more time that passes, the more innovations that are being made and the easier that the technology is to use and increase business.

One advantage you can take away from this is the fact that unlike old WAN’s all the routing and rerouting is done in an automated manner. You just tell it where things go and let the software handle the rest. It is like sitting back and having your movers put all your stuff away for you. This is one of the biggest things that makes a company or corporation just drool over the ease that SD-WAN offers their company. This peace of mind means that you simply just need to sit back and focus your attention on other other things.

WAN optimization and application acceleration solutions are the hottest topics in IT these days. Many IT professionals are scrambling to get budget money approved to deploy these solutions in their environment as quickly as possible. You too can take advantage of this powerful, business enabling technology once you understand the driving reasons why this game changing other IT professionals have to get their hands on these solutions.